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Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

Talk in internet isn’t that bad.

I always support the video calling and online meeting services. Now, there’s a pandemic. Everyone is using it. Nowadays, almost everyone in the world uses the internet. It is giving rise to new technologies. I won’t disagree that we interact less with each other, but the internet is bringing us close to each other online.

First, Imagine that your parents live very far away, and you want to talk with them. I think the best way is to contact them via video calling. I used to video call my grandparents every single week because they live in other provinces, and I loved it. I don’t even have to travel to them often.

As I said, the internet brings us closer. Social media shares what we are thinking to each other. I think no one would say their emotions all the time. For example, my friends like to use Facebook way more than talking about what they are thinking in front of me.

Finally, the internet helps us to work and study in this pandemic time. We definitely can’t talk to each other in real life because of the lockdown. We have no choices if we still want to work or study. I used to study in school, but now, they teach us online, and I think it’s better.

In conclusion, the internet changes our world. It has a lot of advantages you couldn’t argue. If we always concern about the effect of it, we will stay in the old generation and don’t improve. I believe that shortly, everyone will use the internet as their daily life, and happy with it.

A web developer from Bangkok, Thailand.